Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Things I Hate the Most

1. I hate snake

Most of people don't like snake because there are some species of snake are danger until it can cause death. It will attack for no reason what os ever. Probably one of the most dangerous snakes right after the Diamondbacks. It lives in dry rocky places and feeds on small mammals, lizards, as well as other snakes, even other rattlesnakes. The banded rock comes in many colors. Although all snakes are portraited as dangerous they are also useful in many ways. Therefore I totally don't like snake and it make me scared.

2. I hate to cook

Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat. Cooks select and combine variety of ingredient using a wide range of tools and methods. In the process, the flavor, texture, appearance, and chemical properties of the ingredients can change. As a women they should know how to cook by using their own skill and technique which need a lot of practice. But even I'm women I still don't like to cook, it requires a lot work and there are so many things you have to do before cook. No matter what people say, one day I will make something that I do not like to like and enjoy it.

3. I don’t like hot weather

Who like hot weather? Nobody will like it, it make us tired, thirsty and sweating. I totally don't like hot weather because it makes me sweating, this can be seen when I'm wearing shirts, baju kurung and so on. As we know it, the weather Malaysia so hot that even we need air-conditioner for work pretty hard to keep the room cool, no doubt most Malaysians use using air- conditioner as a compulsory piece of furniture and high-technology without thinking about cost. In my house also there are two air-conditioner which provide more comfort environment.

4. I totally don’t like motorcycle

Motorcycle is dangerous transport compare to another which is more safe and suitable for everyone. I don't like motorcycle not because of the the cost but the risk that you face, there are many accident involve motorcycle rider and the percentage of it increase day by day. I hope people that I love never ever ride a motorcycle but use other alternatives such as car, public transport or many more. Moreover my parents also not allowed us to ride a motorcycle even my brother which they know the dangerous of ride a motorcycle.

5.Cheater, playboy and pretending

I really hate this type of boy, it make me disgusting to know them and all the girls should refrain from getting closer. Usually this kind of boy indiscriminately offensive woman and this is because I really hate boy that have this 3 character.

6.Hate to do a lot of things in one time

If we do a work last minute there are many problem will arise at the same time can make someone tension same goes to do a lot of things in one time. When we do a work we supposed to have a systematic plan to avoid from another problem beside accomplish the work step by step.

7.Dirty place and crowded environment

Emotionally, no one wants to work or live in a dirty place and crowded environment. We need a clean place in order to doing work, then to prevent from another disease an becoming a good Malaysian by take care our environment and throw rubbish everywhere.

8.A foreign worker makes me disgusting

Foreign workers is workers come from another country such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and many more. The reason I don't like foreign worker because the way they carry their self are so rude, they also will bring their own culture in our country and don't respect us too.

9. It sucks to accept defeat and become a looser

No one like to become a looser, the feeling was really bad and I cannot accept it easily. I will fight for everything as long as the things is right and this will make me think fast in order to fight back what the other people say.

10. I really hate cigarette and people smoking in front of public places

Do you like to smell the strong cigarette smoke at restaurants? Do you like to sit nearby a smoker? If you answer "no" (should "n" be capitalized?) to these questions, you will be glad to see that a law, which bans smoking in all public places, has been set up in Quebec and Ontario, and I totally agree to this law. It is because this law is beneficial to non-smokers, smokers, and business owners that I agree to it. By using this law smokers can smoke in a special place without effect anybody.

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