Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 Facts About Me

1. I love sports

When I was at high school I represent Kuala Lumpur in athletics and I achieve a lot of success. The event that I usually take is 800 m, 1500m and relay 4x400m. Sports make me healthy and live in discipline lifestyle, it teach me in order to achieve something need a lot of sacrifice as I feel it when I was training. Usually after school I and my sister come for training on 3'oclock at Stadium Bukit Jalil and our coach will tell us what training we are supposed to do that day and sometimes it very tired. But deep in my heart, I miss my athletic so much.

2. Music is my life

Music is the powerful sound that can affect our emotions. It is true that all of the people in the world need music. There many creative people create many different kinds of music such as rap, jazz, hip-hop, ballads music and so on to help us to enjoy our lives with these kinds of music. In fact, not everyone likes music very much nor people do not have time to listen to it but I am a person who loves to hear music. Music always make me happy even I have a big problem and sometimes music teach us how to release our tension, create a new mood and keep it up with a good life.

3. Love to smile and laugh

There are 2 simple things that I love to do first is smile and second is laugh. Both of them will attract people to know me because once I smile people will say that I'm very cute and it makes me love to do that things. Every day of my life I will smile and laugh but it depends on situation too, when I'm not in mood or someone makes me angry it is not suitable for me to smile or laugh rite??? As for me I have a lot things that make me smile and sometimes make me laugh so loud.

4. Stuborn, hot tempered

This is the reason why people usually don't like me or not satisfied with me. This is who I am, these three characters were inherently in me and I know it is wrong to have this character in our self but what can I do? It's hard to change, whatever it is I never simply use this 3character to dropping another person or to seize power with an arbitrarily. I also promise with Myself that I will try to change it and I hope someone special that existed in my life will change my negative character.

5. I love my mom spaghetti

I have to admit that I really miss my mum spaghetti, it was really awesome and the taste is really good. My mum is a really good cooking, she love to cook but I don't like to cook at all and sometimes I hate cooking so much because there are so much work to do compare to house cleaning. Back to business, the reason I love my mom spaghetti because it different from another spaghetti even spaghetti from pizza also cannot beat my mom spaghetti therefore I always ask my mum to cook spaghetti once I come back.

6. Really hard to trust guy or men

Personally I think women should not trust men 1oo per cent because there are so many possibilities they will cheat to you. One day we all have experience with bad boys or jerk face men that will break our heart so as women I think we should not trust them more than we trust our self. So women should careful when find their partners as I describe a good man understands that men and women are equal. He is looking for a partner, not someone to take care of him and to cook his meals and clean his bathroom. A good man respects you, and respects women.

7. Wish to become famous lawyer one day

Since I school I choose lawyer as my ambition. The first reason I choose lawyer because:

1. High salary

2. Many of business trips

3.Work with intelligent person

4. It is very challenging occupation

This between the reason why I choose lawyer as my ambition and I really hope I can achieve it one day even though it's really hard and need a continuously effort.

8. I'm a shopaholic: seed, nicole, forever 21

I love to shopping, this 3 brand above are my favourite brand. All the clothes are very nice, elegant and feminism too. I use to wear this clothes when I go out with my friends, hanging in my relatives house even going to class. The types of fabric, the texture of colour are attract me especially when it comes to blouse which I love and on the spot I will buy it if I have a money. I always shopping with my sister, both of us have a same taste and we like to share our clothes as we love shopping so much.

9. I love history subject when I was at high school

My favourite subject when I high school is history, subject that most student don't like and hard to score. For me this subject is very interesting that makes someone to read. It focuses on certain histories which suitable for student to learn and it provide the old story a long time ago to refresh back to expose for present generation or future. I always score in this subject which is make me happy because not all student can do because this subject one of the tough subject in the school compare to other subject.

10. I love ring more than necklace, earing and white gold is my favourite

White gold is a mixture of a white metal. This metal may be Palladium or nickel which gives white and a slight yellow shade to it. White gold is also measured in carat, like yellow gold. White gold is not a special form of gold that’s why we don’t get 24 carat white gold, white gold is available only up to 21 carat. The beauty of white gold cannot be defined by the expensive nature or the price, but it can be defined by how the stones are placed, and how it looks with the diamonds. Therefore the white gold allows them to glitter, and show how special and it gives excitement to gold.